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    Welcome, it's time for pleasure, forget your worries and come along. We've got the mighty poems, the fulminations, the magic songs.

    Come ride the roller coasters, come seek the treasures and fight the foes. But if you want excitement wait 'till you see the star of our show.

    Oooh, Arlecchina!

    She's formless: she's tall & thin & short & fat. She's great fun: she'll mock you dead & crack you up. She's playful: she juggles hearts as well as balls. She knows how: it's not the power, it's the control.

    Oooh, Arlecchina! We can't forget you're the devil's bride.

    Oooh, Arlechinna! You don't play fair, you take all the sides.

    Oooh, Arlecchina! You can no longer tell real life from role.

    Oooh, Arlecchina! You're the stock character that breaks the mold.

    This is the way the world ends / This is the way the world ends / This is the way the world ends / Not with a bang but a whimper.

    This is the fray the sword mends, / Eyes I dare not meet… / This is the pay the lord lends, / I dare not pee in dreams… / Dismiss the gay tailor trends, / Not with harangue but a simper.

    This is the way the chord bends. / This is the word that transcends. / This is the prey the troll claims, / Not with a clang but a whistle.

    The Miss McCray's hot as blaze. / Thighs I beg to see… / The sleazy dame the horde tames. / Thy fair lot is supreme… / This is the way we have sex, / Not with a wank but a stripper.

    The writing keeps going on. / The words do come out in random order, / It's a bore. Creation will never stop, / There's no way to stop it. / The universe comes and goes, / Time means very little now.

    We're all out of context, / But it keeps getting better. / We'll never finish the work, / It keeps getting better, better, / Never better, better, / Ever better, clever better, better, / Letter better, fetter better, better, / Ember better, fender bender, better…

    Disease, decay and wart scents / Displeases ladies and gents. / The queasy play of noblesse, / Not with a pang but a bristle.

    The cheese sorbet never ends. / Nice my rare hot brie. / Dismiss the stray lemonades. / My mare got tea and creams. / Tease is what they recommend, / Not in Pyongyang but in Bristol. / Not with gang-bang but a ring tone.

    I don't know where the feeling's gone but I can't control that the world does not seem real. I don't know if you have been told but the piper's sold all the rats for burger meals.

    Alice went to the mirror place just to find herself waiting on the other side.

    I don't know why the twister blows and we find ourselves yet in Kansas once again. I don't know why in science labs all the little mice make experiments with men.

    London time equals Hong Kong time as the Earth's spin is stopped by dreadful rhymes.

    I don't know if the Bellman minds, but what he says thrice is as false as loaded dice. I've heard that the Devil won, said he was the Lord and fed us a pack of lies.

    I just wish for a sound sleep but the Sandman's parties keep me awake at night. See Jack Frost breaking the ice. All the mimes are talking…

    Our sun's killing Superman, no one gives a damn and I think I'm going mad.